How The Winnebago Bond Project Revolving Fund Works

The accused is arrested. Some will have a bond right away, and others have to wait until the next court date for a judge to set bond.


You are only in front of the judge for minutes while they decide if you receive an Recog-Bond (I_bond) or D-Bond, with the posted bond amount This determines if you are released or detained for your case.


Those that can post bond are released. Those that can't are sent to classifiation where they will soon join a jail unit where they can sit for days, months, or even years


If you can't post bond, someone on your behalf, will contact Winnebago Bond Project. If you meet the criteria, and we have the current funds, we will post your bail.


After your bond is paid, you will be released. People who are free have better outcomes of their cases, than those still locked up.


After your case is over, your bond is released back to Winnebago Bond Project. This is minus court costs, fines, and fees. This is where we ask you to help assist with raising funds to replenish the fund. We then use it to bail others.