There are many ways you can get involved, volunteer your time, and help Winnebago Bond Project succeed.

  • Bail Team Member:

You will help with coordinating on bailing out a client. This will include requesting and obtaining bail funds, completing paperwork with the client, follow up contact, and possibly attending or helping get a client to court dates.

  • Advocacy Team Member:

You would help get the word out to others, on what actions they can take to help with bail reform. You would visit or contact legislators when bail reform comes up in the General Assembly. You would need to stay current on the topic of bail reform in politics.

  • Fundraising and Donation Team Member:

You would help with coordinating and running fundraisers, getting donations for the bond fund, and recruiting other volunteers.

  • Community Outreach Team Member:

You would help with getting the word out about our services throughout the community. You would help speak with the community, to get opinions on what services they believe are lacking in Winnebago County to help, what changes they would like to see, stories on their experiences in the Winnebago County justice system, and help build a closer community support system.

  • Promotional and Design Team Member:

You would help offer your skills with social media posts, and help with making flyers, posters, etc as needed.

  • Legal Team Member:

Attorneys for a legal support team to give general advice, help answer questions, and offer pro bono services.