Turning Interest Into Action

We are currently an all volunteer driven organization, advocating efforts to end the monetary bond system, and pretrial incarceration.  Winnebago Bond Project is working on fundraising to gain the funds to replenish the revolving funds, following up on requests to help pay bond, reaching out to pretrial and IDOC inmates, and their families on opinions for programs they believe we need in our community, giving the needed support to people freed from jail, and pushing to bring the educational and campaign work that is needed in our community. We are working towards the goal of stopping mass incarceration simply due to the inability to pay. We need to end the unfairness of access of money to determine who is free, and who is incarcerated pending trial. We are working towards the greater goal to achieve economic and racial justice for all the inmates of Winnebago County.

Bond reform is just the beginning. We need to also work together for the IDOC inmates that have done their debt to society. Parolees that are released to District 2 don't have a lot of support. They are released with limited resources, with being set up for failure, and the high chance to re-offend. We lack a lot of programs in our community geared towards getting parolees back to beings members of society.  A lot of programs meant to help are a joke. They don't offer the assistance that is needed. Just because you made a wrong decision, it shouldn't have to follow you. People change all the time, and don't always have the beliefs the did in the past. If we had the structure to offer the help that is needed, I believe the future of many can be changed.

Winnebago Bond Project is committed to working with the loved ones of the current, and formerly incarcerated, the current and formerly incarcerated, a inmates themselves, members of the community who have been unequally harmed by the criminalized pretrial system, and other local advocates and organizations to have the power in the decision making process of who we post bond for. The final decisions of who to post bond for is done so by a review committee of local community members.  


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